September 30, 2014

35 Awesome Photos of Rainforest Animals and Wildlife

Lucas Bustamante recently visited our lodges in Tambopata, Peru for a few weeks and took these incredible photos of Amazon rainforest wildlife.   

Lucas is a passionate biologist and wildlife photographer from Ecuador. For seven years now, he has been dedicated to documenting Ecuador's biodiversity, particularly reptiles and amphibians. Lucas has lead innumerable field trips and workshops. He also has written several articles and books about tropical ecology and herpetology. 

Lucas' photographic work has been featured in National Geographic, Anima Mundi, Discovery Channel and many other magazines.



Giant River Otters

Howler Monkeys Playing

Capybara swimming in the Tamboapta River

A rare photo of a Tapir

Tambopata River At Sunset

Puddling Butterflies

Macaws in Flight

A Jaguar Swimming In The Tambopata River

An Ox Bow Lake

Boats Parked At The Tambopata Research Center


Another beautiful landscape of the Tambopata River

Howler Monkey

Sunrise Over The Jungle


Squirrel Monkey

A Jaguar Getting Out Of The River

Burrowing Owls At The Tambopata Research Center

Giant River Otters at Posada Amazonas Lodge

Giant River Otter

A Family Of Giant River Otters

Giant River Otters

The Sky Reflected In The Water Of An Ox Bow Lake


A Black and White Photo Of A Caiman

Giant River Otters

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Monkey Frog

Spider Monkeys

Macaws In Flight

August 13, 2014

Peru Jungle Lodge Adds Three New Luxury Room Types


SUPERIOR ROOMS (Posada Amazonas and Refugio Amazonas)
Looking for a beautiful room in the middle of the rainforest. Our superior rooms have lovely, varnished tropical hardwood floors, are 45 square meters, and have an open verandah that looks out into a roadless, wild tropical rainforest preserve. Superior rooms are available as singles, doubles or twins, and each is equipped with a mosquito net over large, comfortable beds, two hypoallergenic pillows per person, a hammock, and a reading table.

Stay in one of our superior rooms and enjoy:
  • A large, spacious, 45 meter square room.
  • A big spacious bathroom with plenty of hot water.
  • Electricity in the middle of the Amazon rainforest until 10 PM every night.
  • An outlet to charge your laptop, tablet, and other devices.
  • Free online access from the comfort and privacy of your room to communicate with the outside world, and share the images and excitement of your Amazon adventure.
  • Personal safe deposit box.
  • An umbrella (this is the rainforest after all).
  • Several eco-friendly amenities.
  • A place to relax after exciting jungle hikes, watching macaws fly past at the canopy tower, visiting a tranquil oxbow lake, experiencing Ese Eja culture, and enjoying other exciting Amazon rainforest activities.

 (at Refugio Amazonas)

Add a bit of extra comfort and quality to your Amazon experience by staying in one of our premium rooms. We are offering one of these excellent new rooms at Refugio Amazonas for guests who prefer to upgrade their stay in the Peruvian Amazon. Each of these beautiful new rooms features authentic Ese-Eja décor that has been crafted by artists from the local indigenous community, handsome varnished tropical hardwood floors, and the same intimate view of the surrounding rainforest as our other rooms.

These rooms also add comfort with a big luxurious bed, hypoallergenic pillows, ceiling fans, electricity, and other fine amenities in the middle of the jungle.

Relish your time in one of our premium rooms and enjoy:

  • A large, beautiful room with varnished, tropical hardwood floors.
  • Large bathrooms that feature showers with tempered glass, and hot water 24 hours a day.
  • A ceiling fan for a bit of extra comfort in an already well ventilated room.
  • Electricity in the middle of the Amazon rainforest until 10 PM every night.
  • Beautiful, authentic Amazonian décor crafted by local Ese-Eja artisans.
  • Wireless internet service to share the images of your adventure with friends and family from the privacy and comfort of your room.
  • Small refrigerator and mini bar.
  • Amenities such as comfortable flippers and binoculars for watching wildlife from the verandah.
  • A big luxurious bed with hypoallergenic pillows and comfortable sheets.
  • A reading table to jot down notes about your Amazon adventure.
  • Electrical outlets for recharging those essential devices.
  • Safe deposit box.
  • A comfortable place to relax and email images from an exciting morning at the canopy tower, night hikes, and other adventurous jungle activities. 

  • CLASSIC ROOMS (Posada Amazonas & Refugio Amazonas)

    Quaint, comfortable rooms in the middle of the tropical rainforest allow guests to experience this global biodiversity hotspot even during their down time. Monkeys, many species of birds, frogs, and other rainforest wildlife are often visible from our signature windowless verandahs. Those same verandahs also add comfort with excellent ventilation. Our classic rooms have been enjoyed by thousands of guests and are built with local materials such as tropical hardwoods, palms, bamboo, and adobe.

    Our classic rooms are available as doubles or triples and come equipped with mosquito nets for the beds and have spacious private bathrooms with hot water. Numerous kerosene lamps and candles provide soft lighting. Electricity and internet are just a short walk to the common areas of the lodge.

    Experience the Peruvian jungle in one of our classic rooms and enjoy:
    • Quaint, classic, comfortable Amazon rainforest rooms.
    • Watching birds and looking for other rainforest wildlife from an open verandah that looks straight into the Amazon jungle.
    • All rooms are built with local materials for an authentic experience.
    • Each bed has a mosquito net.
    • Hot water bathrooms in the heart of the jungle!
    • Soft, romantic lighting from candles and kerosene lamps.
    • An authentic jungle retreat to rest up before and after guided trips to the canopy tower, guided hikes in the jungle, watching Giant Otters and other wildlife at an oxbow lake, and other exciting jungle activities.
    Exclusive Amazon Villa

    Treat yourself to exclusive lodging and activities in the middle of the Peruvian jungle with a premium stay at our Amazon Villa. The Amazon Villa is a private bungalow designed to provide guests with a comfortable blend of privacy, amenities, and activities that enhance an already unforgettable Amazon jungle experience. Essentially, guests of the Amazon Villa enjoy their own, exclusive bungalow in the heart of the rainforest where they can relax among some of the most biodiverse surroundings on the planet, enjoy views of a beautiful garden backed by majestic primary rainforest, watch for monkeys and hundreds of exotic birds from the comfort of the bungalow, and enjoy private romantic dinners featuring delicious Peruvian cuisine. The exclusive treatment begins upon arrival to the airport with private transport to the bungalow, continues throughout your stay, and doesn’t end until we bring your back to the airport for your departure flight.

    This beautiful furnished bungalow is equipped with:
    • A luxurious king-sized bed.
    • 40 inch flat screen television to watch nature videos and documentaries.
    • A place to use your laptop for writing or checking out the
      photos from every memorable day in the jungle.
    • A satellite Internet connection.
    • Electricity in the middle of the rainforest at all times of the day.
    • A dining room where you can take fresh meals delivered to the bungalow.
    • Dining table with 6 chairs.
    • A refrigerator and microwave.
    • A spacious bathroom equipped with hot water and a tub for soaking in comfort at the end of a long, incredible day in the Peruvian rainforest.
  • July 11, 2014

    4 Footballers Who Remind us of Rainforest Animals

    By: Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato

    It’s a jungle out there, and in this year’s World Cup, footballers are
    jockeying for a seat at the top of the food chain. While some bring
    brute strength to the table, others have adapted with speed and
    cunning. For these athletes, it’s survival of the fittest—just like in
    the Amazon.

    To celebrate the 2014 World Cup, we’ve created a list of footballers

    who remind us of jungle animals. Do you see the resemblance?

    I Got the Moves Like Jaguar

    Junior Diaz is the World Cup’s fastest player with a 22 mile-per-hour

    sprint. The Costa Rican defender played in five matches and ran about
    35 miles on the field in this tournament as of Tuesday.

    Still, Diaz is no match for the jaguar, which can run about twice that
    fast. These formidable beasts are the largest cats in the Americas, and they have an appetite
    to match. Jaguars eat large mammals like deer, peccaries and tapirs.
    They also snack on birds, turtles and fish. (Want to get up close and
    personal without getting too close? Check out our wildlife photography

    In ancient Native American cultures, jaguars were thought to be gods
    of the underworldThis myth persisted widely until the Mayan empire fell. Just like the
    Costa Rican team recently fell. Too soon?

    Suarez Bites Like the Bullet Ant

    Bullet ant
    Bullet ant (Photo credit: ggallice)
    Bullet ants are the world’s largest ant, growing up to an inch long.
     These nasty denizens of the rainforest floor can both bite and sting,
    injecting victims with a powerful neurotoxin that causes muscle
    contractions and a burning sensation. They’re dubbed “bullet” because
    being attacked by one feels like getting shot(See also “Top 5 Strangest Rainforest Animals)

    Luis Suarez may not look like a bullet ant, but his bite is just as
    potent. Nicknamed “The Cannibal,” Suarez was suspended last month for
    biting another player during a game. The Uruguayan midfielder leaned
    over mid-play and clamped his pearly whites on Germany’s Giorgio

    In the Amazon, bullet ants are traditionally used during local
    coming-of-age ceremonies, where young men have to endure multiple
    bites and stings to secure a place within the community. And while
    Suarez’s bite might not pack the same punch as a bullet ant, it could
    have serious health implications. The human mouth contains hundreds of
    strains of bacteria—some of which don’t hurt their hosts but can be
    fatal to others.

    The Naked Truth About Croatian Footballers

    The Croatian football team caused a stir when photos of them relaxing
    naked by their hotel pool circulated the Internet. Two
    photographers hid in the bushes while the squad lounged in the buff
    and quickly sold the resulting photos to media outlets. Angry that
    their privacy had been violated, the team refused to give interviews
    to World Cup reporters.

    Luckily, the Peruvian hairless dog is much less self-conscious about
    its nudity—its picture adorns artifacts from the Moche, Inca, Chancay
    and Chimu peoples. The ancient breed is affectionately called the
    “Peruvian Inca Orchid.” Prized for its heat-radiating skin, many
    locals prefer cuddling with their canines to hot compresses or heating
    pads. (You can cuddle up in one of our rainforest villas.)

    These bald dogs get flack in a society accustomed to fuzzy pooches.
    Peruvian hairless dogs are often strong contenders for the World’s
    Ugliest Dog competition. Do their human counterparts on the Croatian team match suit? You’ll have to decide
    for yourself.

    Tim Howard and the Poison Dart Frog

    English: Poison Dart Frog (Dendrobates auratus...
    English: Poison Dart Frog (Dendrobates auratus) at the Louisville Zoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    The U.S. goalie Tim Howard wears a bright green jersey that reminds us
    of a poison dart frog. These gorgeous creatures come in many different
    colors besides green, dotting the rainforest with splashes of gold,
    copper, blue and red. Their bright coloration is a warning that tells
    predators to back off—or suffer the toxic consequences. Poison dart
    frogs ooze poison from their skin that can maim or even kill their
    attackers. (If looks could kill… These exotic amphibians would slay

    There are several species of poison dart frog that carry their eggs
    and tadpoles around on their backs—just like Howard carried the U.S.
    team through the country’s first two matches. During the U.S. versus
    Belgium game, Howard made 16 saves—the most ever recorded during a
    World Cup game.

    Want to see more jungle animals? Check out our tours of the Amazon with Rainforest Expeditions.
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