April 20, 2012

How To Submit A Guest Blog Post To Rainforest Expeditions

Write A Guest Blog Post For Rainforest Expeditions

Are you can expert in a topic that my be of interest to Rainforest Expeditions readers? Do you have a knack for writing? If so, you may want to consider exchanging a guest post with us. 
If you are a business owner, blogger or just like to share your knowledge, writing a guest blog post is a great way to get your message to thousands of readers.

There are two types guest blogging options to choose from:
  1. Blog Post Exchange – We exchange posts with each other, so the you send you an article, for example a personal account on a recent trip they have taken which relates to ecotourism and in return you host an article by us, for example a travel guide to Tambopata, Peru. Both articles will credit the authors and link back to each other’s site.
  2. Guest Blog Post– You provide us with some content relevant to your site, which you publish and is credited to you. We ask that in exchange you promote the content you have written on your blog and to your social media audience. In this instance we get content and an inbound link, and you get promotion for your site.
Here are some of the topics we are looking for:
  • Ecotourism
  • Outdoor Gear Reviews
  • New Eco / Green Technology
  • Eco Friendly Products
  • Green Travel
  • Adventure Travel
  • Survival Skills
  • Amazon Wildlife
  • Endangered / Threatened Species
  • Insects
  • Birds
  • Native Communities
  • Peru
How to submit:

Submit your article idea to jscremer@gmail.com with GUEST POST in the subject line. Include a basic outline of what you will be writing about. Also, be sure to include any website links you will be referring to in the article including your own (if applicable). If we find that your article idea is a good fit, you will receive an email confirmation letting you know that it’s been accepted.

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