April 09, 2012

Photo of the Week: Jaguar by Thomas Marrent

A Jaguar near Refugio Amazonas - Credit: Thomas Marrent
Jaguars are one of the most difficult animals to spod due to their incredible vision which usually allows them to see you first. the best place to find a jaguar is along the river banks.  This month two groups of guests saw jaguars from the boat on their journey from Puerto Maldonado to Refugio Amazonas.  Photographer Thomas Marrent managed to get this great shot.    

Boat rides on the Tambopata River occasionally result in sightings of a Jaguar (Panthera onca), the largest cat in the Americas. Although guests visiting Tambopata eco-lodges run by Rainforest Expeditions can’t expect to see this near mythical feline on every visit to the Peruvian jungle, they do have a better chance of seeing it while traveling along wild areas the Tambopata Reserve than many other places in its range.

Jaguars are regularly seen in the Tambopata region because this huge area of wild forests and wetlands plays host to plenty of peccaries, tapirs, and other animals that are preyed upon by the neotropical king of the jungle. In addition, much of the Tambopata River between Refugio Amazonas and the Tambopata Research Center is strictly protected wilderness and this part of the river is precisely where these big cats are occasionally seen. They also occur in the forests near Posada Amazonas but apparently don’t feel as comfortable about sitting out on the shore as they do further upriver.

Check out this video of a Jaguar that jungle guide Pedro Lima took:

Click here for some interesting facts about the Jaguar

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