May 08, 2012

My Trip to Tambopata: Marc Oliver's Photographic Testimony.

"Reading about and looking at pictures of the Amazon Rainforest is one thing; being in the thick of it is something else entirely! Every day was full of surprises at the TRC as there is such a wealth of biodiversity that it's impossible not to stumble on something new and unexpected as you go about your activities. And while the parrots fly home when night falls, it certainly didn't herald the end of the day but rather the beginning of a new one with its own unique challenges and rewards. Every day and every hour of my week there has been a memorable experience and, as I left, I was already thinking of when to return." ~Marc Oliver

Marc Oliver took some beautiful photos during his visit and was kind enough to share them with us.  To see more of his work, check out his Flickr page.  

 Inociencia the Scarlet Macaw

Turtles and Butterflies

Side Necked Turtles

Spotted Owl
Dusky Titi Monkey

Passion Butterfly

Raid on the Clay Lick

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