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Macaw Chick Update

Phil Torres


Macaw Nesting Scarlet in Tambopata Research Center

Remember this adorable macaw from last month?


We checked in with the researchers at the Tambopata Research Center to see how he's doing. An update from Jordan Harrison, one of the volunteer macaw researchers, and it looks great: 

"The Hormiguero chick is doing quite well. Healthy as he can be. His body condition score was almost perfect when we checked on the 16th for his 60 day check up. He weighs about 850 grams, feathers are developing nicely. Not even any parasites. He is a super chill chick. We took our usual measurements and he sat calmly in my lap the entire time."


Here he is, almost all grown up at this point:


Scarlet macaw in the rainforest

Photo by Jordan Harrison


macaws nesting time in the rainforest

Photo by Jordan Harrison


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