February 23, 2013

What wildlife can you see along the Tambopata?

The Andes Mountains can be seen from the Tambopata

Riding in canoes is an experience that is not just for the sake of transportation. It also provides an incredible opportunity to see and photograph wildlife. 

Here's a list of some of the more notable animals we've seen in the last few months:
-Giant Anteater
-Red Howler Monkey
-Harpy Eagle
-Black-and-White Hawk Eagle
-Red Brocket Deer

Why can we see so much wildlife while on a boat? A few reasons. Many animals, like jaguars, rest by the river, providing an excellent opportunity to photograph them. Also, virtually all mammals in the rainforest can swim and tend to cross the river on occasion, so you can even find a sloth slowly making its way across!

What's that log in the water?

It's a giant anteater swimming! 
Image by John Hannaford.

Also, many animals aren't sure how to interpret seeing a boat- while a jaguar may hide from you when you're on foot, they typically don't interpret you as a threat when you're in a boat. This works great for us, because it allows plenty of time to get the perfect photo!

    Jaguar seen along the river from a boat. 
Image by Liz Paipay.

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