May 10, 2013

Exclusive Art Gallery Coming to Refugio Amazonas- Oscar Vilca


We at Rainforest Expeditions are pleased to announce the opening of our art gallery at the Refugio Amazonas Lodge. 

An Amazon Kingfisher, by Oscar Vilca.

Oscar Vilca, coming in June to Refugio Amazonas.
This gallery will include Peruvian artists inspired by the Amazon rainforest in our region, and all works on display will be for sale. For our first exhibit, we are excited to welcome Oscar Vilca.

Vilca is one of the premiere modern nature and science illustrators in Peru, and studied at the Faculty of Arts at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and Fine Arts. He is an artist committed to conservation and environmental disclosure.

The Oscar Vilca Gallery will open in late May and will exhibit original paintings, solely from Tambopata National Reserve. These will not only be on display, but also be available for sale at the Refugio Amazonas Lodge. The exhibition will be held in June, July and August. 

To visit Refugio Amazonas, see our website.

Starting in September, a group of three Peruvian artists involved in the Bahuaja Sonene Collective will be on display at Refugio. Intended to draw attention to the community and to protect the Bahuaja Sonene National Park, their motto is "Bahuaja Sonene: Know, Inspire."

The Bahuaja Sonene Collective, coming in September.
The Bahuaja Sonene Collective.
The Bahuaja Sonene Collective is currently inaugurating the work on June 1 in the Japanese Peruvian Center, then take the sample to Refugio September 1st where it will run until the end of the year. The 25 original paintings exhibited will be for sale.

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  1. I am a watercolor artist who have a passion for represent jungle life, specially birds,.
    In this moment 30 of my best works are waiting for a show. I am from Czech Republic and live in Laguna Yarinacocha near Pucallpa three years ago, painting and studyng birds and plants.
    I would like, if it´s possible, contact the gallery of Refugio Amazonas for and exhibitions of my work, because conceptually I prefer to exhibit first in the jungle and later in Europe.
    Please send me and adresss where I can contact and send the images of my later paintings.
    My name is Jana Papicova and you can contact with me in this mail : danielpen1


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