May 06, 2013

In One Afternoon, All Of This Wildlife

I've been working in the rainforests of Tambopata for almost a year now and I'm still continually impressed by the quantity of wildlife you can see over the course of several hours. Yesterday a bunch of tourists and I left Refugio Amazonas, took a 4.5 hour canoe ride upriver, and ended up in the Tambopata Research Center.

I had a 400mm camera at my side and decided to see if I could capture all of the wildlife we saw along the way. While I missed getting a good shot a few bird species we saw (like herons, egrets, storks) and a few other creatures, I still ended up with quite the collection of images.

Here are eight highlights, for you to identify in the comments below. I'll post the identities once we have someone who guessed all of the names of the animals correctly, either here or on the same image posted on our facebook.

Image by Phil Torres

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