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Three Great Reasons To Visit Tambopata: Jaguar

Phil Torres

Just this week we saw a record THREE jaguars on one boat ride on the Tambopata!  

During a photo tour we saw these awesome jaguars, part of the amazon rainforest wildlife.  To not disappoint, the next day a big group of travelers saw two more jaguar along the shore. This is a record for the area, while two have been seen on one trip more often, three have only been seen once before years ago. Check out the images below:


jaguar in the tambopata river


jaguar along the river bank in the amazon


couple of jaguars resting along the river side


jaguar in the peruvian amazon rainforest


jaguar spotted on a amazon travel


tambopata wildlife


amazon rainforest wildlife


jaguar in the amazon 2


best picture from jaguar in the tambopata river


When travel to Peru, Come visit Tambopata to see these jaguars and experience the Amazon.

How to plan your Amazon travel to see this and other Amazon wildlife  <http://www.perunature.com/check-availability/>

  • Go on a hike or on a boat journey along the Tambopata river in the rainforest with a trained guide: They have eagle eyes, at least, ours have. To practice your eagle eye, download your Amazon Rainforest Animal identification guide and the beautiful illustrated plate of Amazon mammals.
  • And of course, when you travel to the Amazon you know who to chat with. We will help you get here.

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