May 05, 2013

Three Great Reasons To Visit Tambopata

Just this week we saw a record THREE jaguars on one boat ride on the Tambopata!  

During a photo tour we saw these awesome jaguars.  To not disappoint, the next day a big group of tourists saw two along the shore. This is a record for the area, while two have been seen on one trip more often, three have only been seen once before years ago. Check out the images below:
Photo by: Carsten Andersen

Photo by: Carsten Andersen

A male (top) and female jaguar (bottom) resting - Carsten Andersen

Photo by: Carsten Andersen
This jaguar was first spotted swimming across the river, and we got a great look at it as it  ran up on shore and into the forest - Photos by Jeff Cremer.  

45 minutes downriver, we saw this female interacting with the male, below, and they were likely getting ready to mate

Male jaguars are typically 10-20% larger than females, and this guy sure was big!

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