August 06, 2013

The Greatest Hawk? The Great Black Hawk.


The Great Black Hawk, Buteogallus urubitinga, is one of the many birds of prey in Tambopata you will very likely see while boating up the river to the lodges.

These hawks are known to specialize in feeding on reptiles like lizards and snakes, but have also been observed feeding on small mammals and large insects. One study observed adults even feed their chicks venomous vipers and poisonous toads!
Where to see it while in Tambopata? The Great Black Hawk is one of the larger hawks in our region, and always a pleasure to watch as it hops along the shore of the Tambopata looking for prey.

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  1. Hawks and eagles are two of my favorite birds. I like looking at the Hawk here taking flight with its wings spread and the look of a preditor hunting a prey truly an awesome sight.


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