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Strangler figs: Silent assassins, diversity engines, rainforest timekeepers

Can I Travel to the Jungle Alone?

Ghosts of Megafauna Past

Rainforest Expeditions goes Carbon Neutral with Regenera

Charismatic megaflora of the Amazon rainforest

Our Tambopata Team is Ready for the Global Big Day!

A Few Target Birds at the Tambopata Research Center

The boom-and-bust rainforest

The Amazon is Wired: Citizen Science is plugged in and chugging along at Rainforest Expeditions

Five Bizarre Birds from Posada Amazonas

Three Odd Facts About the Hoatzin

How to See Exotic Birds in the Peruvian Amazon

Beautiful River Birds of Tambopata Peru

Birds to Look for at an Oxbow Lake

My Senses are Heightened in the Rainforest

Sound Recordings from the Amazon Jungle

Animal Collective Nouns

Researching the impact of roads in the amazon jungle

Side Necked Turtles - Two Hundred Years Ago

Amazon Rainforest Fragrance Extraction

What's this Bizarre Katydid Parasite in Tambopata?

Top Jungle Critter Encounters in 2015 - Tambopata, Peru

Gateway into the Amazon by Nicole Lizares

Mystery of the Yellow Bulbs: Discovery in the Amazon of a New Caterpillar-Ant-Parasitic Plant Relationship

Rise of the Orb-Weaver Spiders

Look, Don't Touch. The Spiny, Bright & Venomous Caterpillars of Peru

Epic Camera Trap Photos From The Peruvian Amazon + Termites Attack!

Putting a Foldable Microscope to the Test in the Amazon

Purple “Donald Trump” Caterpillar Spotted at the Tambopata Research Center

Photographing A Harpy Eagle + Canon 800mm f/5.6 lens review and Live View Focusing Technique

Capuchin Monkey Economics

Bioluminescence in the Peruvian Amazon - Like the Avatar Movie, but in Real Life

Journey to a Rare Harpy Eagle Nest

We found (and yelled at) a crazy tentacled caterpillar

Portraits with One of the World’s Deadliest Spiders

Deception in the Jungle: the Ant-mimicking Spider Aphantochilus rogersi

What ecotourism means for indigenous tribes in the Amazon

Wrapping up 2014 with Rainforest Expeditions

Uncovering a Glowing Mystery at the Refugio Amazonas Lodge

4 Footballers Who Remind us of Rainforest Animals

35 Awesome Photos of Rainforest Animals and Wildlife

How studying Macaws can save the Amazon

Expedition to Candamo: Venturing into ‘The Last Rainforest Without Men’

Short-eared Dog

We Solved An Amazon Rainforest Mystery (w/Video)

What the heck is going on in this picture?


The Bridal Veil Mushroom (Phallus indusiatus)

A Turtle Drowning In Butterfly Kisses

Top 5 Strangest Rainforest Animals

Do Butterflies Sleep?

Why are some animals so well camouflaged?

New Species of 'Decoy' Spider Likely Discovered At Tambopata Research Center

Posada Amazonas Pack For A Purpose

Posada Amazonas Lodge: Home of the Donald Trump Caterpillar

Wired Amazon in Tambopata Peru

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