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Tales From The Rainforest

Aaron Pomerantz
Observe, Explore, Discover: How to Become A Citizen Scientist In The Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is full of mysteries. Given the fact that it's the..

Aaron Pomerantz
Amazon Rainforest Fragrance Extraction
Fragrance extraction refers to the extraction of aromatic compounds from..
Aaron Pomerantz
What's this Bizarre Katydid Parasite in Tambopata?

Some of my favorite hikes take place late at night in Tambopata. The..

Aaron Pomerantz
Top Jungle Critter Encounters in 2015 - Tambopata, Peru

Welcome to the Amazon Rainforest

I've been fortunate this past year to log..

Aaron Pomerantz
Mystery of the Yellow Bulbs: Discovery in the Amazon of a New Caterpillar-Ant-Parasitic Plant Relationship

“Huh, that’s weird”, I muttered as I trudged through the mud in the..

Aaron Pomerantz
Rise of the Orb-Weaver Spiders

Spiders! They’re creatures you’re almost certain to see in the Peruvian..

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