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Tales From The Rainforest

Juan Diego
Inside Wild Macaw Nests -  The Fight for Survival

I grew up listening to my parent’s histories about a pristine jungle in the..

Juan Diego
Wild Macaws Using Artificial Nests in Tambopata Amazon Jungle

In the surrounding forest of Tambopata Research Center, there are several ..

Juan Diego
A face to face encounter with a jaguar

The first time I put my feet on Madre de Dios was during the rainy season of..

Juan Diego
Saving the Population of Scarlet Macaws in the Amazon

The first time I arrived at TRC was in January of 2014. In the boat was only..

Juan Diego
Juan Diego
Citizen Scientists In The Peruvian Amazon Jungle

Insects are the most diverse group of animals in the world. Nowadays we have..

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