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Tales From The Rainforest

Pat ODonnell
A Few Target Birds at the Tambopata Research Center

There are literally hundreds of bird species waiting to be seen in..

Pat ODonnell
Five Bizarre Birds from Posada Amazonas

The rainforests of Tambopata, Peru harbor more bird species than most places..

Pat ODonnell
Three Odd Facts About the Hoatzin

For most of us, rainforests are synonymous with bizarre bugs and exotic..

Pat ODonnell
How to See Exotic Birds in the Peruvian Amazon

The rainforests of the Amazona are home to several hundred bird species. At..

Pat ODonnell
Beautiful River Birds of Tambopata Peru

Literally hundreds of bird species live in the rich rainforest habitats of..

Pat ODonnell
Birds to Look for at an Oxbow Lake

There's much more than one type of habitat in the Amazon rainforest...

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