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Tales From The Rainforest

Varun Swamy
The Succession Rhapsody: from sand to Amazon rainforest

I step off a boat and set foot onto a beach, my feet sinking slightly into..

Varun Swamy
Strangler figs: Silent assassins, diversity engines, rainforest timekeepers

(Borrowing from a J&B whisky commercial from the 1990s…)

Tradition says: "A..

Varun Swamy
Ghosts of Megafauna Past

I distinctly remember the first time I accidentally stabbed my hand on the..

Varun Swamy
Charismatic megaflora of the Amazon rainforest

Mention the words "Amazon rainforest" to the layperson, and it is likely..

Varun Swamy
The boom-and-bust rainforest

With gusting winds and a sharp plunge in temperature, the first friaje of..

Varun Swamy
The Amazon is Wired: Citizen Science is plugged in and chugging along at Rainforest Expeditions

 What a difference a year makes! In February last year, a group of us got..

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