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Beautiful River Birds of Tambopata Peru

Pat ODonnell

Literally hundreds of bird species live in the rich rainforest habitats of south-eastern Peru. However, the irony of that avian abundance is that many of those bird species are naturally rare and/or just hard to see. Our canopy towers and trained guides help in seeing more birds but the places where we look for them also play important roles.

One of the easiest places to find quite a few exotic jungle birds is during travel to and from our lodges. Since rivers are the natural byways through the Amazon rainforest, we use the Tambopata on a daily basis. In doing so, we also see lots of beautiful birds, right from the boat! These are a few of them:

Orinoco Goose

orinoco goose.jpg 

This colorful goose is one of the only species of waterfowl that lives along the Tambopata. However, unlike geese in some other parts of the world, this jungle species is shy and usually found away from people. For that reason, the section of the river near TRC is where we typically see it.

Black Caracara

Black Caracara.jpg

This striking raptor os commonly seen while it patrols the river for carrion and small animals. 

Bat Falcon

bat falcon 1.jpg

The small Bat Falcon likes to perch on snags at the edge of the river, especially in wide open areas that facilitate its hunting strategies. When a bat, swallow, or other small bird flies within range, it tries to catch its prey during rapid flight. 

Scarlet Macaw

scarlet macaw 1.jpg

This and other spectacular parrot species are often seen in flight over the river, especially during the morning and late afternoon.

Amazon Kingfisher

amazon kingfisher 1.jpg

One of three species of kingfishers commonly seen along the river, this one can be recognized by the lack of prominent white marks in the wings and tail.

Look for these and dozens of other bird species during travel to and from our lodges!


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