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How to deal with changes, cancellations or unavailable flights when traveling to Peru

Rocio Guzmán

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When planning your next adventure to Peru, it's amazing to dream about hiking the Citadel of Machu Picchu, walk around Cusco City, overflight the Nazca Lines, explore the Amazon or navigate at Titicaca Lake and usually, we never expect a flight delayed, canceled or unavailable. So, here we want to bring you some lights if you experience some of these situations.

But first, you have to make your trip fit on your vacations, think on your budget, choose the tours and hotels…and make sure that your flights' connections  fit in all your itinerary...the tension can take hold of us at this moment.

How can you manage all these? How to travel to Peru?

Two options:

  1. You might consider look for some help and arrange all your trip through a travel agency.
  2. Encourage yourself, breath deeply and use online travel resources

What happens if the flight is unavailable?

These will be a worry for the ones arranging their trip by themselves. We recommend to contact your hotel or lodge. They for sure have options.

We usually offer change travel dates without extra cost, or add extra nights with a special rate or accommodate our logistic to make your adventure come true. 

 Finally, you are in peace again as you have all under control.

The days pass and the enthusiasm grows. And some days prior arrival you received a flight change or cancelation... The stress comes out again.

All You Need To Know About Travel To Tambopata


How to deal with flight delays or cancelations when traveling to Peru

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If you choose first option, trust your travel agency, they will be very helpful by managing the changes with the airline and get you in the best options available.

But if you choose second option, here is what you have to do step by step:

  1. Contact the airline and communicate in a good manner the importance to arrive on that determinate day due that all reservations depends on that flight. They might be able to find you good solutions.
  2.  Contact the hotel. They might be able to help you by offering you some options such as change of travel dates without extra charge or a good discount for an extra day if needed, at least we do.
  3. Consider traveling by bus. The highway in Peru is really good and there are several formal companies that you can choose. Make your research first. There are some routes not recommended to travel by bus.

**If you will make a tour to Tambopata, the route Cusco - Puerto Maldonado is not in good conditions and there are several security issues to consider too. We do not recommend this bus ride**

 And what to do if the flight is delayed?

Remember to have all emergency numbers saved on your phone before your trip to Peru.

  1. Contact your travel agency and let them know that you are stuck at the airport, they immediately will follow up this with the airline and will contact the tour operator in charge of the destination you will visit.
  2. If you had to manage all your trip by yourself, contact the hotel or tour operator and they will be able to give you the best options available locally.
  3. If you are waiting for more than 2 hours, the airline is obligated to offer you a small snack.

When we have delayed flights we usually wait for our guests. However, for now, we have some river transportation regulations that do not allow us to be in the river after 6pm.

If your flight arrives after 2pm, we have 3 options:

  1. Locate you at Posada Amazonas, our closer lodge to the city without extra charge if available. 
  2. Locate you at another lodge on the way closer to the city without extra charge if available.

With option 1 or 2 , next day you will join one of our fixed departures to continue with your trip.

      3. If nothing is available, then we can help you book a room in the city. This will have an extra cost. Next day you will be traveling to your lodge with the first fixed departure.

We also recommend when planning your trip, consider to book your hotels directly and the airline tickets handling by a travel agency. So they can help you in case of any delayed or cancelation. Our partners of Exito Travel will be of great help for international and domestic flights.

The most important is to not miss the goal of your trip : relax, connect, enjoy and explore!

And tour operators, travel agencies and hotels in Peru are always keen to help.

We hope this information will remain you calm and get all under control again. 

Have a pleasant and save adventure!

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