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Five Bizarre Birds from Posada Amazonas

Pat ODonnell

The rainforests of Tambopata, Peru harbor more bird species than most places on this planet. With that in mind, it's always a challenge to say which species are the most colorful, which ten birds are the most common, and which birds happen to be the oddest ones in the jungle. Since we have more than 600 species to choose from, there's a lot of rare and bizarre to birds we could talk about. However, today, we might as well begin the conversation with five exotic and bizarre species found on the trails of Posada Amazonas.

White-necked Puffbird

puffbird 1.jpg

This common canopy species is often seen from the canopy tower. Its large head, bill, and pied plumage make it look almost more like a puppet than a real bird.


Long-tailed Potoo

long-tailed potoo baby.jpg

Strange birds indeed! The pale, fuzzy one on the right is the baby! This nocturnal species can be a hard one to find during the day and is more often heard at night.


Spix's Guan

Spixs Guan.jpg

If you see something that looks kind of like a turkey walking through the trees, that would be this bird. You will probably hear its loud honking calls before you see it.


Pale-winged Trumpeter

Pale-winged Trumpeter 1.jpg

Speaking of loud honking calls, this strange bird species makes a variety of odd noises at it patrols the forest floor. You may see the white flashes of its lower back as it moves through the dark understory.


White-fronted Nunbird

White-fronted Nunbird.jpg

Finishing off with a final species from the canopy, this medium-sized bird with the coral red bill gives rollicking calls as it forages with other birds.


Watch for these and hundreds of other species on the trails at Posada Amazonas and our other rainforest lodges.

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