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Posada Amazonas Lodge: Home of the Donald Trump Caterpillar

Phil Torres

This caterpillar was found at Posada Amazonas Lodge in Tambopata, Peru. As far as I can tell, is the larva of a moth in the family Megalopygidae. This family is known for having hairy caterpillars with extremely painful stings. So despite its fluffiness, I do not recommend touching it! One of the guides here accidentally stepped on one as a child and said he had an entire leg swollen and a fever for two days.


posada_Amazonas_Pollito.jpgThe venom is a chemical of unknown origins, much research to be done with these guys.


Screen_shot_2012-12-21_at_9.00.33_PM.pngI found Donald Trumps Wig in Tambopata Peru  http://www.cafepress.com/perunature



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