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Rainforest Expeditions goes Carbon Neutral with Regenera

[fa icon="calendar"] May 29, 2017 12:56:52 PM / by Pat ODonnell

Pat ODonnell

The biodynamic rainforests where our lodges are located are intact, healthy, and full of life. Since they are situated in protected areas of the Tambopata Reserve, wildlife flourishes in the forests that surround our lodges. However, to be truly sustainable, we need to do more than promote, showcase, and protect biodiversity, especially during these critical times of climate change. At Rainforest Expeditions, we are serious about being sustainable and this is why we have partnered with the Regenera organization to become carbon neutral.

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Thanks to Regenera, our three lodges; Posada Amazonas, Refugio Amazonas, and the Tambopata Research Center, have become the first carbon neutral lodges in Tambopata! We are very pleased to say that our operations are carbon neutral, including 

  • Day to day operations at all three lodges
  • Our offices in Puerto Maldonado
  • Transportation of all permanent staff

Regenera has helped make this happen by measuring and then managing our carbon fooprint with local carbon sequestration and actions that avoid deforestation. 60% of the revenues associated with this partnership are also transferred to local communities who have made agreements to protect forests.

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However, we aren't stopping there. Presently, we are also currently working with Nature Services Peru (the same folks that created Regenera) to create and provide an option for guests interested in offsetting their own travel emissions. After that, expect us to keep on working to improve sustainability because one of our greatest goals is giving our children, grandchildren, and their grandchildren the chance to experience the invaluable, beautiful rainforests of Tambopata, Peru.

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Pat ODonnell

Written by Pat ODonnell

Patrick O'Donnell, originally from Niagara Falls, New York, Patrick began birding there at the age of 7. He became hooked on Costa Rican birds in 1992 and visited the country on several occasions before moving to Costa Rica in 2007.


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