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How We Became Carbon Neutral — And Why It Should Matter To You

Pat ODonnell

The jungle that surrounds our Rainforest Expeditions lodges is healthy and full of life. Here inside the Tambopata Reserve, wildlife flourishes — and we do everything we can to protect it. But to become truly sustainable, we wanted to do more.

Why did we decide to become carbon neutral?

For many years, we've been committed to promoting, showcasing, and protecting rainforest biodiversity in our Tambopata, Peru home. We were inspired by indigenous groups around the jungle, who have responsibly managed low-impact hunting, farming, and settlement in the Amazon for thousands of years. So during this critical moment for climate change, we decided that we needed to get even more serious about sustainability. Protecting our own surroundings wasn't enough anymore. We wanted to contribute on a global level by eliminating our carbon footprint. 

Rainforest carbon neutral

Rainforest Expeditions is committed to the well-being of our jungle surroundings, so it can be enjoyed for generations to come. Photo by Lucas Bustamante.

How did we become carbon neutral?

Once we decided to become the first carbon neutral lodges in Tambopata, we needed guidance. We discovered Regenera, an amazing organization that helps manage the carbon footprint in Peru, and they advised us along the path to becoming carbon neutral.

Today, our three lodges — Posada Amazonas, Refugio Amazonas, and the Tambopata Research Center lodge — have become fully carbon neutral, a first for the entire region! We're so proud of this accomplishment, which includes:

  • Day to day operations at all three lodges
  • Our offices in Puerto Maldonado
  • Transportation of all permanent staff

Regenera has helped make this happen by measuring, and then managing, our carbon footprint with local carbon sequestration and actions that avoid deforestation. 60% of the revenues associated with this partnership are also transferred to local communities committed to protecting the forest.

Refugio Amazonas - Lodge & Activities - Lodge - People Trail - Birdwatchers - Andre Baertschi (1)

Our Refugio Amazonas lodge, along with our two other Tambopata lodges, are now carbon neutral. Photo by Andre Baertschi.

Why should carbon neutrality matter to you?

Many travelers are forever changed by their visit to the Amazon rainforest. After experiencing such a pristine, biodiverse environment, they return home passionate about protecting ecosystems around the world. That, in a nutshell, is why carbon neutrality is so deeply important: it's a small way that all of us, from companies to individual adventurers, can preserve the world that we so love to explore. One of our greatest goals is to give our children, grandchildren, and their grandchildren the chance to experience the invaluable, beautiful rainforests of Tambopata, Peru. 

But we aren't stopping with carbon neutrality. We're currently working with Nature Services Peru (the same folks that created Regenera) to create an option for guests to offset their own travel emissions! Stay tuned for updates.

To discover our environmental work firsthand, book your dream trip to the Amazon today!

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