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The Shining Amazon Rainforest - Why Visit the Amazon During Rainy Season

Natasha Martin

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our guests considering to visit the Tambopata National Reserve is: “Can I travel to the Amazon during rainy season?”

Our answer? A resounding: YES!

The time between October and March is a magical time in the Amazon jungle. First, we should mention that while there is rainfall all year round (you can’t spell ‘Rainforest’ without ‘rain’!), it is only slightly higher during this season (10% more than the other season), but it does light up the forest in colours, smells and sounds that you can’t experience any other time of year.

Here are four reasons why we recommend travel to the Amazon during rainy season:

1. See, smell and hear the Amazon Jungle come alive.

A walk through the Amazon jungle after a rainshower awakens the senses. From tree to shining tree, the rain lights up the rainforest producing bright and fresh colours - a photographers dream. The smell is dewy and crisp. The sounds of insects, animals and birds combine to produce unique melodies that rival the sounds of any orchestra.



2. Transformational Experiences

Rains come in short, powerful bursts - rarely does it rain for an entire day. While you are welcome to pull on some rain boots (provided at all our Amazon lodges) and play in the mud - most guests will settle back in a hammock on their balconies, grab a cup of tea (always complimentary!) and watch the rain tumble down.

(Did you know that our rooms in all three of our Amazon lodges have only three walls? We remove any barriers between you and the forest, which lets you create a real and meaningful relationship with the natural environment around you).


A truly amazon jungle experience in Tambopata Peru

While our trips can be action-packed, we always encourage guests to find some time to connect with themselves, feel the power of the rainforest, and their place in it.

There is undeniably something transformational about taking this time out during your Tambopata tour.

3. Excellent Wildlife Viewing

Amazon jungle animals, like us, are prone to take shelter when it is raining. When the rain stops, they also come out in search of food, making wildlife spotting a bit more predictable than in dry season. The rain also means the trees bear flower and fruits - making it easy to spot birds and monkeys who love to eat them! The Tambopata National Reserve is home to an enormous diversity of flora and fauna. 

Jaguar in Tambopata by Lucas Bustamante

Jaguar in Tambopata Rive - By Lucas Bustamante

4. Less people and better deals

We hope that the images of glistening canopies and hammock meditations inspire you to visit during this period, but we should also add that this is the time of year when you are likely to get the best deals and encounter fewer tourists. Most tourists will seek to visit during the North American summer, meaning flights will be easier to book and hotels will be emptier.

Solo Traveler Deals for Tambopata

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Pro Tip:

If ever you’re faced with a train cancellation in Cusco, causing you to miss a trip to Macchu Picchu (yes, it happens!) - detouring to Tambopata National Reserve can be a great way to save your trip! Puerto Maldonado (the gateway city) is only a twenty minute flight from Cusco, and you can be at one of our Amazon lodges upriver in the same day.

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