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Tales from the Rainforest


[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 9, 2013 10:00:00 AM / by Phil Torres

While Destin from Smarter Every Day was visiting us here in Tambopata, we came across one of the most incredible examples of art in nature we've ever seen, a cocoon of an urodid moth.

Check out his video on the discovery,  and look for the high-resolution images below:




Cleaned_Up_Cocoon_w_logo_n_Jeff_SED_11_of_14.jpg                                                                                    Cocoon of an Urodid moth

This 'open network' cocoon structure is quite different from other moth cocoons in that it only partially encloses the pupa. This allows for more airflow over the pupa, possibly helping prevent fungus and mold from being able to grow on it.





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Topics: moth cocoon, natural history

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