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Three Easy Options for Solo Travel in the Peruvian Amazon

Pat ODonnell

When we make plans for a trip, one of the first things we have to figure out is whether we are going to do it on our own, share the adventure with family, or travel with a friend or two.

This decision is a primary one because it will affect where we go and how we do the trip. For example, if we decide to travel with friends, we should plan the trip together to make sure that everyone is on the same page in terms of what we hope to see and do. The same goes for a family trip along with whatever is required for traveling with children or senior citizens. With that in mind, it almost goes without saying that you have a lot more freedom when traveling on your own. In fact, since you don't have to meet any other expectations that your own, you have all the freedom in the world to hike the Inca Trail, sample the best in Peruvian ceviche, and even explore the Amazon jungle.

For our three options for solo travel, read below! And don't forget to check out our free guide to Amazon jungle travel here:

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Macaw ClayLick - Peruvian Amazon jungle excursion for solo adventurers


Well, maybe not that last idea because wouldn't you need an expedition team to explore the Peruvian Amazon? Well, that would be best if you wanted to try and reach little explored areas but thanks to successful ecotourism projects in certain parts of eastern Peru, you don't need an expedition to experience the wild heart of the Peruvian rainforest.

Here are three ways that even the least experienced of solo travelers can make that happen in the Amazon:

1. Visit Tambopata

This wild corner of the Amazon is much easier to visit than most people realize. It only takes a short flight from Lima - almost 2 hours - or a much quicker flight from Cuzco - just 30 minutes - to land in Puerto Maldonado, the gateway to the rainforests of Tambopata. Upon arrival, you are met at the airport by your personal guide and transferred to your jungle lodge.

Tambopata Amazon rainforest eagle view from airplane

2. Stay at Unique Lodges with a Purpose 

Guests (including folks who go their own way) who stay at Posada Amazonas or Refugio Amazonas Lodge can take guided hikes through wild, mature rainforest, watch for monkeys and birds from canopy towers, and take part in other activities recommended by their personal guide. But also, these rainforest lodges make your travel unique since each of them is alive for a purpose.

While Posada Amazonas is the only lodge in the region owns by the Native Community of Infierno, part of the Ese Eja tribe. The lodge wants to exchange cultural experiences and share out all over the world thru its visitants their traditions and stories.

Refugio Amazonas, on the other hand, believe that the protection and conservation of the area can be possible thru science. Because of that, they encourage every guest to become a citizen scientist and save the Amazon across the activities they have at the lodge.

 Solo travelers have more opportunities to spot wildlife when travel to the Amazon

3. An off-the-beaten-path experience inside the National Reserve of Tambopata 

Head further upriver is located the Tambopata Research Center, the only lodge inside the National Reserve of Tambopata, fronting the Bahuaja Sonene National Park. Here you can access one of the wildest parts of the Amazon, even if you do the trip on your own. As with the other Rainforest Expeditions lodges, a personal guide will take you on trails through wild Amazonian rainforest in search of wildlife, bring you to an incredible macaw clay lick, and make sure that you have an unforgettable and safe Amazonian experience even if it happens to be your first trip abroad.

Solo travel to Amazon isn't just possible — as long as you go with an experienced operator like Rainforest Expeditions, it's downright easy. They have helped thousands of solo travelers experience their jungle lodges in the wild Amazon, contact them to see how they can help you achieve the trip of a lifetime!

To discover the wonders of the rainforest, book your dream trip to the Amazon  today. Check out our travel specials for Solo Travelers  <http://info.perunature.com/solos-save-during-march>   

Tambopata Research Center inside the National Reserve of Tambopata




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