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Tales From The Rainforest

Ash Card
If it Looks Like an Ant and Smells Like an Ant... Batesian Mimicry in the Amazon Jungle

Over 150 years ago, in the steamy jungle of the Amazon Rainforest, the..

Paul Bertner
Crimson Forest: A Vampire Tale

I hadn’t originally intended to cover vampire bat facts in one of these blog..

Paul Bertner
Insane in the Membracidae: Discovering Mutualism between Ants and Treehoppers

When you think of the Amazon Rainforest – what do you think of? Usually, the..

Paul Bertner
Rainforest Research: The Bigger Picture

I'm an explorer, biologist and wildlife photographer specializing in..

Varun Swamy
The Succession Rhapsody: from sand to Amazon rainforest

I step off a boat and set foot onto a beach, my feet sinking slightly into..

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