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Tales From The Rainforest

Ash Card
If it Looks Like an Ant and Smells Like an Ant... Batesian Mimicry in the Amazon Jungle

Over 150 years ago, in the steamy jungle of the Amazon Rainforest, the..

Phil Torres
When It’s Macaws Breeding Season, Researchers Get To Action

By studying these populations, their breeding, and their genetics,..

Phil Torres
Phil Torres
New Species of 'Decoy Spider' Likely Discovered

Come to Peru and Visit This Spider!


From afar, it appears to be a medium..

Phil Torres
In One Afternoon, All Of This Amazon Rainforest Wildlife

I've been working in theTambopata rainforest for almost a year now and I'm..

Phil Torres
Three Great Reasons To Visit Tambopata: Jaguar

Just this week we saw a record THREE jaguars on one boat ride on the..

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