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Tales From The Rainforest

Pat ODonnell
Why First Time Travelers to Peru Should Consider the Amazon on Their Itinerary

Thinking of going to Peru? Congratulations on picking one of the most..

Varun Swamy
Strangler figs: Silent assassins, diversity engines, rainforest timekeepers

(Borrowing from a J&B whisky commercial from the 1990s…)

Tradition says: "A..

Pat ODonnell
Can I Travel to the Jungle Alone?

The jungle! According to popular culture, tropical rainforests are deep,..

Pat ODonnell
Five Bizarre Birds from Posada Amazonas

The rainforests of Tambopata, Peru harbor more bird species than most places..

Pat ODonnell
Beautiful River Birds of Tambopata Peru

Literally hundreds of bird species live in the rich rainforest habitats of..

My Heightened Senses in the Rainforest

Despite being legally blind in my right eye, I can see more clearly than..

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