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A Citizen Scientist’s Amazon Experience

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 14, 2017 11:05:30 AM / by Nancy Barrickman posted in Sustainable Tourism, AmazonCam Tambopata, Wired Amazon, Discover a new species, Citizen science, Travel Credits

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A tropical rainforest inspires wonder no matter who you are. It is teeming with the bizarre and beautiful, and anyone who has the privilege of visiting these places comes away overwhelmed with amazement. Those feelings are heightened by engaging with the production of scientific knowledge. How do scientists delve into the mysteries of the forest? Can anyone become a scientist of the forest? How does participation in scientific inquiry deepen our appreciation of this place? 

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The Amazon is Wired: Citizen Science is plugged in and chugging along at Rainforest Expeditions

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 22, 2017 7:16:36 AM / by Varun Swamy posted in Aerobotany, AmazonCam Tambopata, Wired Amazon, Discover a new species, Citizen science

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 What a difference a year makes! In February last year, a group of us got together at Refugio Amazonas to envision and create a pioneering collaboration between science and ecotourism, that blended field research with cutting-edge technology and crowd-sourced data collection via “citizen” scientists. It was during the initial brainstorming sessions that terms such as Wired Amazon, Aerobotany and Big Grid were cooked up, fueled by our collective imaginations and an ample measure of day-dreaming as well. A year later, Wired Amazon is a vibrant reality: we have successfully taken botany to the skies, opened more than 200 kilometers of trails and installed over a 100 remotely-triggered cameras on the ground and up in the canopy, and – with the enthusiastic collaboration of visitors from all over the world – discovered 8 new species of insects.

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