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Tales From The Rainforest

Daniel Couceiro
Harpy Diaries : Chick Spreading Its Wings

Hello everybody one more time from the heart of the Peruvian Amazon!

Daniel Couceiro
Harpy Diaries: Dad Swoops in During a Storm – But Why?

Greetings from Refugio Amazonas – I have just returned to our research site..

Daniel Couceiro
Harpy Diaries: The Story of Setting up the HarpyCam in Tambopata

Once you try the waters of Tambopata, you always come back!

Back in 2015, I..

Daniel Couceiro
HarpyCam is Live!

The world´s first HarpyCam in Tambopata, Peru is powered by Rainforest..

Aaron Pomerantz
Journey to a Rare Harpy Eagle Nest

Timing is everything in the Amazon rainforest. So when Jeff and I heard that..

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