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Tales From The Rainforest

Daniel Couceiro
Harpy Diaries : Elpis, The Harpy Eagle Chick Gets Her Wings

First, congrats to the winner of the Harpy Chick Naming contest! I want to..

Daniel Couceiro
Harpy Diaries : Chick Spreading Its Wings

Hello everybody one more time from the heart of the Peruvian Amazon!

Daniel Couceiro
Harpy Diaries: Dad Swoops in During a Storm – But Why?

Greetings from Refugio Amazonas – I have just returned to our research site..

Daniel Couceiro
Harpy Diaries: The Story of Setting up the HarpyCam in Tambopata

Once you try the waters of Tambopata, you always come back!

Back in 2015, I..

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