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When It’s Macaws Breeding Season, Researchers Get To Action

Phil Torres

By studying these populations, their breeding, and their genetics, researchers can arm themselves with the knowledge necessary to keep populations from going extinct. The information gathered here in non-threatenedTambopata- for example, successful artificial nest designs-  can be used in areas where macaws are endangered, like Costa Rica and Mexico.

Led by Dr. Donald Brightsmith, this project has published many breakthrough studies, including figuring out why macaws eat clay (for the salt!), what influences nestling survival (macaw fights!), and why they lay four eggs but only raise one or two young.


Jan 23 Macaw claylick wall

Red and green macaws gather in one of the claylicks along the Tambopata.

Hard to believe the above chick will turn into something so stunning. Image by Jeff Cremer

To volunteer as a researcher for this project, visit : The Macaw Project


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