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The Scarlet Macaws Need Your Help


Since 1989, Rainforest Expeditions has been an ardent supporter of macaw research through the Macaw Project. Viewing macaws is one of the most special experiences guests can have while they tour the Amazon rainforest at our lodges. But did you know that 20% of all scarlet macaws that hatch will die of starvation?


This is because parents always raise the first chick that hatches, but, 45% of second chicks (and nearly all of the 3rd and 4th chicks) are left to starve to death. 

Dr. Donald Brightsmith leads the Macaw Project, which is headquartered at our Tambopata Research Center. The Macaw Project is working on a solution that will reduce wild macaw chick starvation. Dr. Brightsmith is leading a team that is looking into placing the second, third and fourth chicks with ‘foster’ parents who have no chicks in their nest. 

This technique needs to be tested first in Tambopata, where the population levels are still stable. If the foster parent scheme is a success, it can then be implemented in places like Mexico and Guatemala where the Scarlet Macaw numbers are critically low.




The Macaw Project´s crowdfunding campaign is aiming to raise $6000 to help the scarlet macaws. This funding is crucial to cover the cost of personnel and equipment to conduct this important research. Every little bit counts! If you are passionate about macaws, please consider making a donation.

The researchers are updating their ‘Experiment Page with Lab Notes and Results.




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